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Living at school – a new take on boarding

2013 was meant to be the final year for providing boarding at Ravenswood. As the year approached, we took another look at how boarding might be offered into the future of the school. From this evolved the Ravenswood Residential College, which provides accommodation for senior school students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

Ours is a small house, taking up to around 30 students at most as full or weekly boarders. We know that many of our students will go on to university after completing their HSC or IB Diploma at Ravenswood. It is likely, if they are international students or reside in regional NSW, that they will live in a college or share house. We aim to provide our students with experiences that will help make the transition to university as easy as can be. Good study patterns are encouraged and cooperative living habits are fostered.

We used designers experienced in the hospitality industry to redesign (page 25) our house to suit senior students. All common areas, no matter how small, have been creatively utilized for relaxation, and study. Our students are still attending school, but their experience in the residential college will help prepare them for the next stage of their studies once they leave school.