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Going 1 to 1

The education our students receive at school should prepare them for life by fostering their development across the four domains of the academic, social, emotional and spiritual.

The focus at government level is on academic achievement that is principally defined by the performance of educational systems in standardized tests, while other eminent educators and commentators have contributed their views on many other issues such as the importance of fostering creativity or how best to motivate and engage students.

Regardless of the perspective taken by contributors to contemporary discussion a common theme is one of uncertainty around the kind of future for which we are preparing students. This uncertainty derives from the observable dramatic rate of change that is driven by technological innovation.

We are in the process of implementing the key aspects of our ICT Strategic Plan. Our vision is “to prepare our students for a global and digitally connected world in which technology is essential and ubiquitous.” In order to achieve this we are convinced that students need to have their own devices, such as a tablet or laptop, because they will most certainly need proficiency in digital, visual, informational, and textual literacy along with critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.